How to Order

Choose your Style and Pricepoint


First, decide how you'd like to use your knife.  Is it going to be used daily in the kitchen, carried on your side, or a stunning collectors showpiece. 

*We respect all budgets and will work with you to keep your creation within that. 

Choose your Steel


Ben specializes in Damascus steel.  This is the process that creates the beautifully unique lines on the blades. He also makes knives out of single high carbon steel as well.   

Choose your Handle Material


With many different types of handle material, you can really customize your knife.  Ben has various styles of stablized wood, stag antler, mammoth ivory and rams horn.   

Contact Ben!


Ben hand makes each and every knife from start to finish.  He will be happy to help design and send you a custom sketch to confirm the design.  If you have a picture of a favorite blade style, he can recreate it to your specifications. 

A deposit of $200 is required to begin building.

Wait a little while...


Many, many hours go into the creation of custom knives.  There are approximately 10 steps from beginning to end to insure that you are receiving a top quality piece.  There is currently a 2 month wait.

Enjoy your knife!


When your knife is complete, we will contact you with the good news! It will be shipped shortly thereafter so that you can begin enjoying it!

   Full payment is due before shipping.